We aggregate alpha.

So that you can

get in early.

Focus on what's really important.

Our tracked groups give imporant insight into a collections potential future value.

We currently track around 40.000 people, which includes holders of blue-chips, members of private alpha groups, influencers, whales and more.

We break down every action from our tracked
groups, so you know exactly what they've been up

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All The Important People.

We track thousands of individuals with a proven track record. When we talk about tracked groups, we are talking about holders of specific collections (BAYC, cool-cats, [...]), or members of alpha-groups (metaverse-hq, jrny-crypto, [...])

Why is that special? Because they often share knowledge unknown to the common investor. If we draw connections between their moves and see a big portion of them performing the same action, it more often than not leads us to successful investments.

Never Miss Out.

Create customized notifications which will be delivered via email and/ or discord DMs.

Each tracked group can be selected individually for your notifications. Other options include the timespan, type of action (mint, buy, sell), action count, number of distinct wallets and more.

Getting notified whenever our tracked groups are onto something gives you a huge edge in the market, so you can literally get in early, even before the collection is trending.

Data For Days.

We provide detailed insights and data to every collection. Data points such as buy/ sell ratios and transactions per minute allow you to make split-second decisions. Some data-points are specifically for our tracked groups, such as the buy/sell ratio. This allows you to gauge the interest in a collection across all our tracked groups in just a single glimpse. Amazing, isn't it?

Average and floor price graphs, a sales scatter chart, sale price distribution, volumes, live-listings, holder ratio and more. Our collection page has it all.

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Get It Faster.

Ever paid gas for failed transactions multiple times in a row, just because the market moves to fast and others beat you to it? Well, that's now over.

Our live-listings feature shows you listings in real-time, from the very first second they're created. Filter by price to only show listings which fit your budget. When you're ready, you can buy any item in just a single click.

Keep a Clear Overview.

Our inventory page shows you everything you need to see to check in on your portfolio.

We fetch current floor prices as well as the price you paid and the gas you used to aquire an item and display your whole collection with P/L on a single page.

Eliminate The Grind.

Say goodbye to grinding all day to find the needle in the haystack. We invented TokenSpy to eliminate this step all-together.

Finding promising collections before they start to trend is our job, so from now on you can sit back and relax, we will notify you once we found something.

The TokenSpy Advantage

We only aggregate data from highly successful individuals. Collections without interest from our tracked groups have low probabilities of being successful, so we won't steal your attention away from better projects by showing them to you.

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Taking Wall Street - ProductHunt user

One of the best tools for any NFT trader! I have recommended this to everyone I know and will continue to. Instead of having to spend thousands of dollars to see what major NFT groups are buying, you're able to track them for a couple hundred bucks. Cant wait to get the lifetime pass for this tool!

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